HONK FOR JESUS, SAVE YOUR SOUL. – Review by T.J. Callahan

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Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.: it’s holy and sexy at the same time.

Honk for Jesus Save Your Soul is a satirical comedy about the comings and goings and goings and comings (and always too soon, am I right, ladies?) of an Atlanta Southern Baptist mega church.

Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall are the Pastor and First Lady of the Wander to Greater Paths congregation. They have it all. A huge home, clothes, cars, cash and tens of thousands of followers. Joel and Victoria Osteen are jealous. But it’s not all fancy hats and hallelujahs. A scandal forces the church to temporarily close and the two spiritual leaders must fight to rebuild their flock.

Honk for Jesus is told in a mockumentary style with a camera crew following their every move like they are the Real Pastors of the Peach State. Honk doesn’t preach, but it also doesn’t put down religion. Instead it focuses a sarcastic eye on the excesses of for-profit worship. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy this film, but you may laugh a little harder if you are familiar with the culture within mega churches.

Brown and Hall, who are among the producers of Honk along with Jordan Peele and Daniel Kaluuya, are over the top as Lee-Curtis Childs and Trinitie. They are the Baptist version of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker and are enjoying every minute of it.

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. is a likable film. Although it isn’t heavenly, it is worth an Amen. I give it 1 Hail Mary and 2 Our Fathers. Oh wait, wrong religion. How about a 6 out of 10.

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T. J. Callahan

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