HALLOWEEN ENDS – Review by Susan Kamyab

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Sadly, Halloween Ends is easily the worst film of all the movies that have been made since 1978.

It’s been four years since the second installment of the newest Halloween trilogy. Michael Myers was last seen murdering Laurie Strode’s daughter and has now gone into hiding. And instead of truly continuing Michael and Laurie’s story, audiences are forced to endure an hour and 40 minutes of some random young man named Corey with a haunting past. The only connection he has to the ongoing storyline is that Laurie wants him to date her grand-daughter and he eventually forms a fascination with Micheal Myers.

All I can say, is what a shame. When director David Gordon Green premiered his reboot of the franchise with “Halloween” in 2018, there was real potential. A fun sequel that paid homage to the original film and had a wonderful message about women empowerment. All that great work went quickly down the drain, with the second film’s corny mob mentality focus, and “Halloween Ends” was the final nail in the coffin to any hope this trilogy had of going out with respect. The only good in this concluding chapter is the opening scene and the final showdown with Michael and Laurie, which might as well have been a short film.

Though Jamie Lee Curtis is still a natural in this role, her and the character of Michael Myers deserved MUCH better.

The weakest element in Halloween Ends is its screenplay, which lacks care and any sense.

However, despite what I think of the film, this franchise has a following and I understand still wanting to see how this saga ends. Just brace yourself for a letdown.

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Susan Kamyab

Susan Kamyab is a Dallas-based television and online film critic, producer, reporter, and writer. Since 2010 she's been reviewing for Irving Television (ICTN) and online at thischixflix.com.