80 FOR BRADY – Review by Susan Kamyab

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80 For Brady plays out about as well as Tom Brady did in his last game against the Cowboys. It’s a major fumble in almost every aspect.

80 for Brady is loosely based on the true story of a group of best friends who are Tom Brady superfans. In the film, they take a life-changing trip to the Superbowl to see their hero play. The journey to get to the game has a few of bumps along the way, including lost tickets, health scares, and an accidental drugging. And through all that, you might chuckle a few times, but a lot of the comedy is forced and rushed.

The beauty of this story is the bond that these four women have had for so long. There is a sweet reason why Brady and the Patriots mean so much to them. Particularly, Lily Tomlin’s character who, while going through chemo, found joy and an escape by watching the Patriots play with her girlfriends. I just wish there was more about their history and friendship, instead of cheap jokes and random romances. The “connection” between Tomlin and Brady can be cringe-worthy at times and it doesn’t help that he’s not the strongest actor – even playing a version of himself.

The saving grace of 80 for Brady comers from the four legends starring in the film. Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field are joys to watch on screen, especially together. If their relationships were scripted with a little more depth, the corny subplots could have been forgiven.

But, if you’re fan of these talented women or of Tom Brady, it’s possible you might find the film to be entertaining. And hey, no better time to watch this movie then during this Superbowl season.

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Susan Kamyab

Susan Kamyab is a Dallas-based television and online film critic, producer, reporter, and writer. Since 2010 she's been reviewing for Irving Television (ICTN) and online at thischixflix.com.