KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON – Review by Susan Kamyab

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Lately it seems, Academy Award winning director, Martin Scorsese’s motto is the longer the movie, the better. His newest western crime drama, Killers of the Flower Moon is a whopping three hours and 26 minutes. It is a lengthy tale of love, betrayal, and murder.

The film is based on a true story and told through the improbable romance of Ernest Burkhart and Mollie Kyle, tracking the suspicious murders of members of the Osage Nation, who became some of the richest people in the world overnight after oil was discovered underneath their land.

Killers of the Flower Moon stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Lily Gladstone, and Robert De Niro, who all learned to speak Osage for the film. And while Scorsese has worked with De Niro and DiCaprio on numerous projects, this is the first time all three of them have worked together on a movie. That makes the film even more appealing.

No surprise, Scorsese hands us another triumph. Though the story of bad people murdering innocent ones and later getting caught is a familiar theme for the director, he revives the formula by telling an infuriating piece of non-fiction which reminds us of a heartbreaking American injustice that deserves to be remembered. It’s an important part of history told masterfully through a slightly comedic tone that makes the horrifying truths easier to digest.

But did it need to be nearly three and half hours? No. You can easily cut out an hour of this film. There’s a lot of repetition. Surely, Scorsese knows there’s more of an impact with a tighter script. Luckily, the pacing is quick, the film is just a little bogged down with some dead weight.

However, the runtime is really the only negative in this movie. Killers of the Flower Moon captivates you with its sensational colors, shocking brutality, and some career best performances – especially by Gladstone and De Niro. If you can handle the intimidating length, you’ll find your time was not wasted, as Scorsese delivers another strong award contender.

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Susan Kamyab

Susan Kamyab is a Dallas-based television and online film critic, producer, reporter, and writer. Since 2010 she's been reviewing for Irving Television (ICTN) and online at