MONKEY MAN – Review by T.J. Callahan

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Monkey Man: We all have scars

Monkey Man is an animal picture of a different kind. Dev Patel directs and stars in this dark and dingy, seedy and scheming, bloody and bombastic, knockdown, drag out fight fest filled with cultural and political undertones.

Patel is Kid, a slumdog who’s out to infiltrate the millionaires of a make believe Mumbai to achieve revenge for family and his fellow CASTEaways. Monkey Man is inspired by the legend of Hanuman, a part human, part ape Hindu god who embodies strength and courage. Kid, who barely makes any money as a bare knuckle fighter in a monkey mask, takes beating after beating, finally realizing he needs to fight for a purpose instead of because of the pain of his past.

Monkey Man was set to be released straight-to-streaming on Netflix until psychological horror movie maven Jordan Peele sat in on a viewing. He felt it merited a big screen release and acquired the rights becoming a producer of the film along with Patel and a host of others.

Patel as this primal primate turns Bollywood into Bloodywood. There’s no dancing, but there is carefully choreographed mayhem. Kid turns into the John Wick of India showing no mercy on those who have done him wrong. Monkey Man is so violent Quentin Tarantino is taking notes. You may want to wear a rain slicker in the theater as the camera gets movie goers so close to the action you just might become a victim of collateral damage.

Monkey Man is rated R not only because of the blood and gore, but also for intensity and foul language. There are subtitles when English isn’t spoken, but sometimes the actor’s accents are hard to understand no matter what language they are speaking. My husband Ricky had two goggle protected eyes open throughout the just under two hour action thriller. Monkey Man is O(my!) Positive.

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T. J. Callahan

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