SEDUCED AND ABANDONED – Review by Katherine McLaughlin

The 65th Cannes film festival acts as the backdrop for this compelling, if somewhat misguided documentary from James Toback. Accompanied by Alec Baldwin, Toback sets out to shame Hollywood for its decision to continually churn out megabuck franchises and mediocrity rather than investing in risky, original cinema. Read more>>

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Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013: AWFJ Jury Duty – Katherine McLaughlin Reports

2013 marks the 20th Anniversary of Sheffield Doc/Fest and they chose to celebrate it in style.

A Spectacular Opening Night

A screening of Nick Ryan’s The Summit took place in High Peak Cavern, Castleton, a rural suburb of Sheffield. The serene surroundings were a stark contrast to the treacherous trip to the top of K2 depicted in the film, via talking heads, re-enactment and found footage. Inside the cave, there was an air of trepidation and excitement about events documented in the film. Upon leaving, the audience was in a more somber mood, as people chatted amongst themselves about the dangers of climbing and the attitudes you adopt for survival in such extreme conditio

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