SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE – Review by Martha K Baker

Admirers of Bridget Everett’s bawdy, bosomy, song-belting stage show may fear that her work in this streaming series will be corseted. In many ways, it is — up until the last of the eight episodes. Throughout, however, Everett portrays 40-ish Samantha, a character a little like herself. Sam goes home to Manhattan, Kansas, from Manhattan, New York, from the Big to the Little Apple. The death of her sister brought Samantha home. Sam is surrounded by her farmer father, her alcoholic mother, her randy brother-in-law, and her perfect sister Tricia, who shares her sister’s sass. The series covers Sam’s new life in Manhattan as daughter, sister, store clerk, and friend. And singer. Thankfully, she remains vulgar and sarcastic as she slides into her new, old community.

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