Sabrina Jaglom, Chloe Yu & Nina Bloomgarden on JANE – Jeanne Wolf interviews

In Jane, Sabrina Jaglom’s psychological thriller, Madelaine Petsch stars as a teen struggling to cope with the tragic suicide of her friend Jane, portrayed by Chloe Yu. She’s also feeling the pressure of the college admission process. After getting deferred from her dream school, she spirals out of control and launches a social media rampage against those who stand in the way of her success. She gets some help from her buddy Izzy, (Chloe Bailey). One of her targets is Camille (Nina Bloomgarden), a pushy new arrival at school, who ends up being forced to leave. Meanwhile, the ghostly presence of Jane and her still functioning website lurks in the background. At a recent screening, the audience was shook up but fascinated and the filmmakers were pleased and intrigued by their response.

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