Sundance FF 2021: Kate Tsang on MARVELOUS AND THE BLACK HOLE – Leslie Combemale interviews

Marvelous and the Black Hole, premiering at Sundance 2021, is written and directed by Kate Tsang. Teenage delinquent Sammy (Miya Cech) is struggling with grief about the death of her mother, and is acting out in ways that are both self destructive and damaging to the world around her. It takes meeting Margot (Rhea Perlman), a no-nonsense magician, to make her question how she wants to exist and move forward in the world. The film not only reflects the experience of a complicated 13 year old Asian American girl, it also offers the perspective of a 70-something woman living on her own terms. Tsang uses a diverse cast and crew in telling this magical coming-of-age tale, with a number of female creatives as department heads. We spoke to Kate about this production and in what ways the story mirrors her own experience as a teenager.

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