Charlotte Wincott on THE ISSUE WITH ELVIS – Liz Braun Interviews

Dr. Charlotte Wincott is on a bit of a roll with her first narrative feature, The Issue With Elvis, a pleasing drama about an eccentric botanist and an abandoned boy, two lost souls saved by friendship.

Wincott made the film during the pandemic lockdown, tackling all the writing, filming and editing duties herself. Making a film by herself was hard work, said Wincott, but she is grateful for the technical changes that allowed her to do that.

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THE ISSUE WITH ELVIS – Review by Liz Braun

The Issue With Elvis is a little gem of a film about a wise child and a reclusive scientist who become friends. It’s a simple and surprisingly powerful story, graced by smart writing and lovely performances. A retired botanist who collects mushrooms and fungi on nature walks crosses paths with a runaway boy with a difficult family background. Filmmaker Dr. Charlotte Wincott, who cast her husband and son in leading roles, says the script is based on her own childhood experiences.

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