HACKING HATE (Tribeca 2024) – Review by Valerie Kalfrin

Written and directed by Simon Klose, Hacking Hate follows award-winning Swedish investigative reporter My Vingren through a high-tech web as she discerns who operates several far-right social media accounts. On a broader scale, the film also examines how such extremists recruit others and encourage the spread of dehumanizing language and misinformation. Watchdog groups, media outlets and the FBI have attributed a rise in hate crimes in the United States since Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election to Trump’s racist and sexist rhetoric. Yet while Hacking Hate revisits his tweet before the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, the film looks beyond the presumptive Republican nominee to a broader picture, placing the convicted felon alongside politicians from France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy who also have used hate to win populist elections.

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