HUNTERS ON A WHITE FIELD (Tribeca 2024) – Review by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Alex (Ardalan Esmaili) is excited. He’s just got his hunting license, and sets off with his boss Greger (Magnus Krepper) and Greger’s old friend Henrik (Jens Hultén) to Henrik’s densely wooded rural property for one last hunt before Henrik’s brother sells the land at the insistence of his new wife. Henrik – a proud woodsman – is clearly unhappy at this state of familial affairs, and so Alex finds himself on his first hunt in what even before they arrive is clearly an emotionally loaded trip. Alex learns quickly, but some rituals he does not learn quickly enough, with one distinct faux pas proving to be a significant turning point. When the animals that they are there to hunt suddenly vanish seemingly en masse, the three men – now with the taste of blood and motivated by the thrill of the chase – turn with seeming inevitably towards each other.

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