PRIDE MONTH: AWFJ’s One-A-Day LBGTQ+ Watch List – Compiled by Loren King and Leslie Combemale

There are as many kinds of LGBTQ+ films as there are LGBTQ+ people. In recent years especially, films in all genres —historical dramas, romcoms, experimental, documentaries— from filmmakers around the world have offered powerful and diverse perspectives on the queer experience. For each day of Pride Month in June, the AWFJ presents a sampling of 30 films that range in subject matter and storytelling style as they illuminate LGBTQ+ lives, past and present. At one time, it would have been difficult to come up with a list of 30 such films. Now, thanks to independent creative voices, increased access to global cinema, and film writers who discover and share their knowledge and enthusiasm for such work, the difficulty, happily, is limiting such a list.

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