CARNAGE FOR CHRISTMAS – Review by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Another year, another sack-full of jaw-dropping professional accomplishments for horror filmmaker Alice Maio Mackay. If Mackay is somehow not already on your radar, so impressive is her CV that you are forgiven for thinking it could only be the result of a drunk, delusional AI program: at a mere 19 years of age, her latest film Carnage for Christmas is her fifth feature. May might for some seem a random month to premiere a Christmas-themed movie, but for those of us already under Mackay’s spell, it’s Christmas whenever she damned well says it is. Consciously inspired by the Pamela Sue Martin fronted Nancy Drew Mysteries of the late 1970s, Carnage for Christmas feels like a wry punk twist on the murder-of-the-week formula, a defiantly queer Murder She Wrote for a new generation.

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