WASTE LAND – Retroview by Jennifer Merin

Acclaimed Brooklyn, NY-based artist Vik Muniz returns to his native country of Brazil, where he embarks upon a remarkable creative journey with a group of men and women who toil as catadores (garbage pickers) at Jardim Gramacho, a Rio de Janiero landfill. Muniz taps several them for his art project — to photograph them, then work with them to convert their images into huge collages created from trash — which will be exhibited in his New York gallery. Filmmaker Lucy Walker follows Muniz, capturing the essence of the environment so truthfully you can practically smell the place. Huge garbage trucks roll in, upend their containers and, as garbage avalanches from them, garbage pickers scamper up the rising mountains of waste to glean anything that can be recycled and sold. Seeing Muniz transform detritus into art is truly inspiring.

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