THE LIGHTHOUSE – Review by Diane Carson

The Lighthouse isolates two men with dire consequences.

With a haunting foghorn sounding at regular intervals and ominous music signaling dire prospects, a lighthouse slowly emerges from an all-but-impenetrable fog. Two men arrive for a four-week commitment on an island buffeted by storms, their stay defined by the steady psychological deterioration resulting from claustrophobic isolation. The Lighthouse is an intense immersion in the world of two unstable individuals.

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AT ETERNITY’S GATE – Review by Susan Granger

Julian Schnabel’s fragmentary exploration of enigmatic Dutch master Vincent van Gogh’s mind during his declining years in Arles, St.-Remy and Auvers-sur-Oise is both fascinating and frustrating. While Schnabel’s film is not a biopic, it does correct some inaccurate assumptions that people have made over the years, particularly after Kirk Douglas’ Van Gogh portrayal in Lust for Life (1956).

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motw logo 1-35Australian filmmaker Jennifer Peedom’s Mountain is a monumental essay documentary that combines soaring cinematography with poetically philosophical narration and an uplifting score to deliver a mesmerizing meditative treatise on how humans interact with and experience Earth’s prime peaks. Continue reading…

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