HOW IT ENDS (Sundance2021) – Review by Pamela Powell

Hats off to Zoe Lister-Jones and husband Daryl Wein for writing, directing, and completing a funny, off-beat film during the Covid pandemic. Lister-Jones also stars in the film as Liza who is planning how she will spend her last day on Earth as three asteroids will be destroying the planet later that night. As we have all learned during a crisis, there’s a rush on certain things.

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MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Best Femme-Helmed, Femme-Centric Films of 2017, To Date

Focusing on films directed by women and those featuring strong female lead characters in female-centric stories, Team #MOTW has endorsed exceptional films during 2017, to date. Midway through this year’s release schedule, we’re pausing to review films we’ve considered for #MOTW and are asking Team #MOTW members to pick their favorites. To discover who likes what, and why, continue reading…

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“Love is hell” might very well be the title of one of the original songs featured in the new romantic comedy Band Aid, this week’s Movie of the Week. Although in the parlance of Zoe Lister-Jones’ directorial debut, calling the song “Love is heck” might actually be more fitting. Continue reading…

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