MOLLI AND MAX IN THE FUTURE – Review by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Despite its fantastic setting, the world in which Molli and Max finds themselves is in many ways not wholly unlike our own where social, political and cultural unrest abounds. With the endlessly charming Zosia Mamet and Aristotle Athari starring as the film’s eponymous leads, despite the outlandish setting their story is a familiar one: an initial chance encounter sparks a relationship that deepens over the years as their paths randomly intersect out of the blue when each is at strikingly different periods of their lives. As their friendship solidifies, whether there is also a romantic spark between them becomes an increasing subject of conversation, as they struggle simultaneously to maintain their other relationships and keep a grip on their own true feelings. Warm, original, smart and unapologetically outrageous, Molli and Max in the Future is a pure delight.

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