The European Documentary Network, an Overview

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edn_logoFounded in 1996, the European Documentary Network (EDN) is dedicated to enhancing opportunity for documentary filmmakers by stimulating cooperation and networking, and spreading knowledge within the documentary sector about financing and distribution.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, the independent nonprofit organization currently has more than 1000 members. Although rooted in the independent European documentary scene the organization’s membership is open to individuals and institutions from outside Europe. Presently EDN has members in more than 60 countries.

EDN supports and stimulates the documentary sector in Europe and beyond by encouraging dialogue and collaboration between its members and by facilitating global networking between documentary professionals from all continents. The organization represents documentary filmmakers’ views and interests in their interface with decision-makers who influence policy and practice in the nonfiction film sector.

Additionally, EDN strives to improve respect for documentary film and for the people working within the genre worldwide. EDN aims to help secure their independence, ensure that societies allocate sufficient means for the development and production of documentaries and assert its influence where and when this is not the case.

EDN is a network of ‘professionals for professionals,’ who are active in all aspects of the documentary field. Its membership includes producers, directors, editors, distributors, broadcasters, film institutions and others working and/or with special interest in the nonfiction genre. The organization works in the common interest of its members and for the global development and promotion of the documentary.

EDN promotes the documentary film as a cultural product with significant value, one that’s able to educate, move and entertain people in various ways in all cultures. The organization acknowledges that documentaries can be made for different purposes and in different formats and does not exclusively promote one special format. EDN supports the documentary film as a vehicle for the artistic expression of an individual’s subjective truth.

EDN distributes information and facilitates networking for its members and other interested parties through workshops and conferences, at festivals and trade fairs, and in publications like DOX Magazine and the EDN Financing Guide and via the EDN website, providing a networking tool for individual members, online pitching sessions between members and commissioning editors and up-to-date financing information.

On the practical side, to achieve its mission, EDN focuses its activities on networking opportunities, training programs, information services, research and analysis, promotion, audience development and outreach.

The constantly updated EDN DOCalendar, a comprehensive listing of documentary festivals, conferences, pitch forums and other events worldwide, is an invaluable resource for filmmakers and others in the documentary sector.

The EDN Financing Guide, available to EDN members only, contains descriptions and contact information for 850+ commissioning editors & buyers, 500+ documentary strands, 400+ documentary departments, 350+ distributors & VOD platforms and 250+ film funds.

Everyone can access the EDN Weekly Newsletter, which highlights current developments and opportunities in the documentary realm.

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