Attention Cinema Citizens: Call for Contributions!

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questionmark5Do you feel strongly about issues that are raised in narrative or documentary movies, and the way in which issues are represented?

We welcome you to express your opinions here, on the Cinema Citizen blog!

Cinema Citizen’s OTHER VOICES category is intended to carry your opinions, along with those of prominent and beginning filmmakers, cinema advocates, activists and audience members. The section will contain interviews with filmmakers, articles by guest authors and your contributions — all adding up to a healthy consideration of the connection between cinema and current social and political concerns.

Here are some points/questions you might consider when writing your piece:

  • Has watching a film changed your mind about something recently, and how? And, of course, which film?
  • Have you had a serious discussion — or perhaps an argument — about a film and the way it represents relationships, minority groups, religion, age, gender, economic status, political realities and/or social behavior? What was the nature of the debate? And, of course, which film or films stimulated it?
  • What film do you recommend for wider distribution and accessibility because it can change opinions, and why?
  • Is there a film that you think is completely and dangerously misleading about current social and political realities, and why?
  • Do you think of cinema as a medium for informing the public and reflecting on public concerns? Pure entertainment and escape? Modern mythology? Propaganda? High or lowbrow art? Historic documentation?

I’m sure you get the gist!

Be radical. Be challenging. Be snarky. Be convincing. Be individual. Be heard. Be.

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