Andrew Morgan on THE TRUE COST, Fast Fashion and Making Films That Matter (Exclusive, Unedited Audio Interview)

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andrew morganIn this exclusive and unedited audio interview, Andrew Morgan discusses his eye-opening documentary, The True Cost, about how ‘fast fashion’ – you know, those stylish little frocks that H&M and other branded purveyors sell by the millions for $9.99 each — impacts our global economy, shatters local cultures, causes political unrest and poses a serious threat to the environment. Surprise: H&M is just about on a par with Monsanto in its sacrifice of human well-being for the sake of profit.

As Morgan shifts his focus from the affluent West’s glam fashion shows and the popular retail outlets for international fashion conglomerates to disturbingly overcrowded and hazardous sweatshops in Bangladesh and other cheap labor locales, and to landfills that are glutted with discarded garments, we get the full picture and shocking stats about an industry that touches everyone’s skin without our thinking much about its devastating impact.

In fact, 85 percent of garment workers are third world women who in return for toiling ’round the clock in dismal and dangerous conditions receive $160 in pay per month. Dare they protest their work conditions and demand fair wages, they are brutally beaten by police. Field workers and townspeople who are exposed to pesticides sprayed on cotton crops are developing cancer and other terminal diseases, and they’re children are born with mental and physical disabilities that are tantamount to death sentences. Will this imparted awareness spur you to change your pattern for acquiring attire? If not, shame on you.

Morgan’s must see documentary is a call to action that most eloquently delivers its message. The film is well researched, beautifully composed and smartly edited. In short, it speaks for itself. But Morgan’s comments about making the film, his personal focus, how the investigation has changed his life and his commitment to making films that matter are fascinating.

To listen to my informal chat with Andrew Morgan — exclusive and unedited — click here.

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