Olivia Cooke Talks ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL, Roles for Women and Amy Winehouse (Exclusive, Uncut Audio Interview)

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meandearl3.Opening June 12, Me and Earl and The Dying Girl is, almost in spite of its somewhat cumbersome title, a film about finding the light in life, and taking every opportunity to enjoy it – before it slips away. Based on Jesse Andrews’ eponymous novel, it is a coming of age film about three dorky high school kids– two boys and a girl — whose unconventional friendship sustains them through the awkwardness and insecurities and crises of teenage-ness. Their unique yet somehow typical relationship is defined in large measure by the fact that Rachel, ‘the Girl,’ so exquisitely portrayed by Olivia Cooke, is being treated for leukemia, and that one of the lads, Gregg or the titular ‘Me’ (Thomas Mann) is a semi-loner neighbor boy whose mom has ordered him to be kind and attentive to her because of her life threatening condition. Neither she nor he welcomes the forced friendship, but they gradually succumb to it and eventually become dedicated friends. Earl (RJ Cyler) is the third teen, the boy’s best (and only) other friend, and the two of them share a lifelong partnership in the production of quirky (and hilarious) parodies of popular movies – like Sockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Butt. The film’s captivating characters are beautifully written and portrayed. Cinematographer Chung-Hoon Chung’s oddly angles shots penetrate their emotions. Editor David Trachtenberg’s fine tine timing gives welcome comedic pause to tragic moments. And director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon masterfully delivers this film as a vital celebration of youth. Olivia Cooke brings a vitality to the role of Rachel that is sure to touch youngsters who are coming of age — whether they’re in the grips of normal hormonal changes or life-threatening diseases. In this interview she speaks about women’s roles in cinema and the importance of not playing the victim or becoming reedits of roles written for men. Listen to the exclusive, uncut audio.

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