Movie Review: PARIS CAN WAIT

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paris can wait posterParis Can Wait is a rich repast for Francophiles and foodies, and women who are hungry for more romance in their marriages.

Life is good for Anne (Diane Lane), but her movie mogul husband (Alec Baldwin) focuses too much on work, allowing his attention to their relationship to blur — which becomes crystal clear to her while they’re on a business trip to beautiful and very romantic Cannes. She’s somewhat out of sorts and decides to drive from Provence to Paris with Jacques (Arnaud Viard), her husband’s business associate.

The seven-hour road trip turns into a two-day meander through the glorious French countryside, with impromptu detours to sumptuous eateries en route. Sensational victuals and convivial dining conversations serve as serious flirtation — and as an alluring ongoing and intensifying audience tease as to whether champagne, truffles and escargot will lead Anne and the handsome, charming Frenchman to intimacy, as well.

Diane Lane is at her best in a role that couldn’t be better suited for her. Her character and the story are somewhat reminiscent of Under The Tuscan Sun (2003), but Lane has matured so graciously and elegantly. And she explores the plight of the middle aged women with hew own brand of dignity, honesty and finesse.

Writer/director Eleanor Coppola delivers her first feature at age 81 — which is a remarkable and inspiring achievement, especially since she does it so deliciously. The story feels like she’s lived it, and perhaps she has. She is the wife of movie mogul Francis Ford, and mother of the talented brood of younger Coppola filmmakers — and the family is almost as famous for their love of fine wine and food as they are for their films.

Replete with with elegant character development, a superb cast and stunning cinematography, Paris Can Wait is a delightfully satisfying escape into a lifestyle that is for most of the world’s women pure fantasy. Take time to savor it. And, a word of warning, don’t go hungry!


Title: Paris Can Wait

Director: Eleanor Coppola

Release Date: May 12, 2017

Running Time: 92 minutes

Language: English

Principal Cast: Diane Lane, Arnaud Viard, Alec Baldwin

Screenwriter: Eleanor Coppola

Production Company: A+E Studios, American Zoetrope

Distribution Company: Sony Pictures Classics


Official Site:

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