GERMANS AND JEWS — Documentary Review

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germansandjewsGermans & Jews, a documentary by Janina Quint and Tal Recanati, looks at a contemporary cultural relationship between two groups of people with a devastating history. It compares current trends in personal identification, political expectations and social stereotyping to those which existed during the 1930s and 40s, as prelude and during the Nazi regime.

The film uncovers ideas and points of views that are quite surprising, quite contrary to existing preconceptions. For example, many of the Germans interviewed say they knew little or nothing about the Holocaust, were shocked when they found out about it and still don’t know how to cope with the extreme guilt they feel about their forebears’ behavior. On the other hand, many Israelis say they now feel safer in Germany than they do in their homeland and they find current German culture to be more tolerant and progressive than their own.

The film is largely anecdotal in style – with Germans and Jews informally discussing the issue over dinner, for example — so don’t expect a thesis supported by heavy statistics or analysis. But the documentary is certainly a fascinating take on a difficult subject that is often avoided.


Title: Germans and Jews

Director: Janina Quint and Tal Recanati

Theatrical Release Date: June 10, 2016

Online and DVD Release Date: September, 2017

Running Time: 76 minutes

Language: English and German with English Subtitles

Distribution Company: First Run Features


Official Website

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