2009 EDA Awards Cocktail Recipes

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It’s tradition at AWFJ’s annual EDA Awards celebration to name cocktails for the year’s winning and nominated films. We’ve been asked for the recipes for the five cocktails served at AWFJ’s 2009 EDA Awards celrbration, and here, in alphabetical order, they are:

  • THE DIRTY DISTRICT NINE, honoring District Nine, the 2009 EDA Award winner for Cultural Crossover: Mix Blue Ice Vodka with Monin Espresso syrup and espresso coffee, shake over ice and drain into a martini glass, add garnish of Ghirardelli shaved chocolate and a chocolate-covered coffee bean
  • THE SPECIAL EDUCATION, honoring An Education, which was nominated for best film and winner for Best Actress (Carey Mulligan) and Best Depiction of Nudity: Mix Blue Ice Vodka with Rishi Organic Cinnamon Plum tea (pre-brewed strong and cooled), shake over ice and drain into a tumbler, add garnish of cinnamon stick and confectioners multi-colored candy stars.
  • THE EXPLOSIVE BLOODY MARY, honoring The Hurt Locker, which won Best Film, Best Director and other awards for Kathryn Bigelow and Best Ensemble Cast: Mix Blue Ice Vodka with tomato juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, ground horseradish and a dash of ground celery seed, shake over ice and pour into a tumbler, garnish with a grenade-size pepperoncini and thin slice of fresh serrano pepper.
  • THE PIP-PIPPA LEE, honoring The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, nominated for Best Women Screenwriter for Rebecca Miller: Mix Blue Ice Vodka with organic apple juice, shake over ice and pour into a martini glass, garnish with a swizzle of candied orange peel.
  • THE WAY – WAY – WAAAY UP, honoring Up In The Air, nominated for Best Film and multiple performance awards, and winner of Best Screenplay, Adapted: Mix Blue Ice Vodka with Red Bull (sugar-free), shake over ice and pour into a tumbler, garnish with three cherries: maraschino, sour and fresh.

Enjoy! And, for everyone’s sake, do not drive after drinking any of these winning cocktails. But, if you’d care to share your impressions, we’d like to know which is your favorite. And, see you next year, for the winning AWFJ 2010 EDA AWARDS cocktails.

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