Dr. Heidi Janz and Eva Colmers Accept AWFJ EDA Award @ DOXA 2016 — Transcription of Acceptance Speech

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Dr. Heidi Janz

Dr. Heidi Janz

Eva Colmers

Eva Colmers

14 May, 2016

EVA COLMERS: Hello, my name is Eva Colmers.

HEIDI JANZ: And I am Heidi Janz.

EVA COLMERS: and we are co-writers

HEIDI JANZ: and co-directors

EVA COLMERS: of the short doc We Regret to Inform You

EVA COLMERS: We made our documentary in response to our “check box-society.”

HEIDI JANZ: In fact, for a long time, the working title of the film was Boxes are for Dead People

EVA COLMERS: …and what happens if you don’t fit into one box, which is the case of Heidi, who is both brilliantly abled and dis-abled, and it is the case of many people. And by showing one day in the life of Heidi, we hope that some prejudice and boundaries will be pushed away.

Speaking of boundaries, the making of the film was quite a challenge in boundary-breaking.

HEIDI JANZ: Yup! The fact that I was able to be involved in the production of this film as it was, is a testament to the determination of Eva Colmers, Bonnie [Thompson] and the whole NFB team.

We never went anywhere without our portable ramp.

EVA COLMERS: True, we never entered any editing suite or sound recording studio with[out] our portable ledge. Unfortunately, many places within the filmmaking community are not accessible. But we made it! We made it!

We want to thank particularly our North West NFB office. Bonnie Thompson is our producer and David Christensen is our executive producer. Of course, also our cinematographer Aaron Munson and our editor, Scott Parker.

Now, a few days ago, Heidi was at DOXA, with the audience, seeing the film.

HEIDI JANZ: I was so encouraged to meet so many young people with disabilities at the screening.

EVA COLMERS: So thank you to DOXA, but most strongly, to the Alliance of Women Film Journalists and the opportunity of participating in the nomination and then to be rewarded with the EDA award.

Thank you very much, and women stories need to be told and let’s shine light on hidden gems!

HEIDI JANZ: Thank you!

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