QuARTSantine: OXFF and other FFs and the PandemONIUMic – Melanie Lynn Addington

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It feels like March 12 was years ago now. That was the day the Governor of Mississippi limited any events that assembled 250 people or more. It was 6 days before our 2020 Oxford Film Festival was supposed to happen. And then it wasn’t happening anymore. That felt like the end of the world at the time.

Since then, instead, the film festival community has worked non stop to rally as over 150 film festivals scheduled for the spring and summer have had to cancel, postpone or go online.

Through all the disappointment and disruption, regional film festivals have banned together and are reaching out and figuring out what is next for their organizations and more importantly their filmmakers.

Hundreds of filmmakers were set to have premieres of some sort this spring. Now so many are on hold.

Eighty-one film festivals joined the Film Festival Alliance call that took place on Friday March 27 to talk best practices and strategy moving forward. Part of the alliance’s mission is to support mission-driven film festivals and the organization has brought us all together in meaningful ways the past few weeks. Our focus is on taking care of our filmmakers at this time, while also trying to survive this shutdown and social distancing both as organizations and as people.

Creative partners have been talking non-stop coming up with creative solutions both temporary and long term to keep the independent film world alive. There have been so many different solutions brought on to the scene in just a couple of weeks, and there will be many others that will be launching in the weeks to come.

At Oxford Film Festival, we’ve found some ways to soften the blow, providing support to filmmakers, their films and independent filmmaking, while offering engagement to our festival’s huge (and understandably disappointed) community of followers, both local and around the globe.

For example, in lieu of the cancelled week-long festival screenings, we presented live Facebook world premieres of films that were produced by kids during our summer camp program, and of our annual community-made film which we we help to produce and fund each year.

We are also working with Eventive to host a virtual film festival, and we are holding deliberations with the juries so we can still present awards and host the awards ceremony. We also have begun moving towards more free online events, like our watch party for Spenser Confidential and the Zoom chat with Ace Atkins, and screenings of other programmed films.

And, we, like many art houses and festivals, are partnering with various distributors for online rentals of films that will help greatly to support the festival.

As for other inventive initiatives, Ann Arbor Film Festival was one of the first festivals to go virtual and shined as a great example of how to do it. Cleveland International Film Festval is going virtual. And looking to the audiences, several festivals have shared insights about how to attend a film festival virtually on an especially informative The Fog Of Truth podcast.

Film Festival Alliance has organized an Independent Film Day to take place on April 11, and has invited any art house or film festival to participate. Criterion launched a new initiative to save art houses. During March, Women Make Movies presented a great line up of films online.

The Seed&Spark pledge is a crucial step to make sure that filmmakers are taken care of with premiere status, distributor rules and more and if a festival isn’t on that yet, encourage them to take part.

This is a new world and one with many new complications including how distributors will work with these films, the safety of the films with geo blocking and restrictions of access. We may none of us be perfectly adept at this, but there is a huge collective effort to make sure filmmakers don’t get the raw end of the deal. If anything, our industry thrives on creative chaos and this will be like nothing before in spurring industry-wide innovation.

But that is all just sort of an overview of the facts. On the emotional end of things, I speak for myself only to say that every day is pretty much every range of emotion. From worrying about others and concerns raised by what is in the news, to constant checking of my own temperature to focusing way too much on the possible outcomes and what ifs, I can note that my only relief is in art. I turn to a book, a podcast, music, a show or a movie to find relief from the daily stressors. And while my own film festival, Oxford in Oxford, Mississippi, was postponed only days before it was supposed to happen, the creative ways in which we are trying to find solutions is something that every arts organization is doing. We have to believe that independent filmmakers deserve to thrive after this harrowing period of pandemic is over.

At the moment, we are still in an uphill battle. The organizers of Film Festival Database are doing their best to keep up to date with new dates, postponements and cancellations. As of this writing, 179 film festivals across the breadth of the nation have been impacted. By the time this article is published, that number may well be out of date.

ABOUT MELANIE LYNN ADDINGTON: Melanie has worked with Oxford Film Festival since 2006 in various capacities and became Executive Director in August 2015. She serves on the Mississippi Film Alliance as President. She co-founded OxFilm, the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council’s program to lend equipment to Oxford filmmakers. She’s also a film producer and writer best known for I Didn’t Do It (2015), S for Sally (2013) and Where I Begin (2011).

ABOUT OXFORD FILM FESTIVAL: Founded in 2003, the Oxford Film Festival celebrates the art of independent cinema. Through year round programming, the festival works to encourage filmmaking in Oxford and North Mississippi while growing understanding of cinema through screenings, workshops and educational programs, culminating in the annual five day festival held in March. The festival exhibits over 200 quality films from across the globe and has been praised for its hospitality.

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