AWFJ’s Top 100 Films List

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“Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Lost in Translation” and “Dance, Girl, Dance,” among other great fem-helmed films were left off AFI’s Best 100 Films List. But they’re on ours.

AWFJ’s Top 100 Films List was developed in counterpoint to AFI’s. We didn’t set out to make a list comprised exclusively of films by and/or about women, but to see what films our members would choose, without our imposing directives and limitations, as great films they think will last for the ages.

Our list is discretionary, but not discriminatory. We simply want to stimulate discussion about films we think are important to us because they touch us– they entertain, inform, deal with issues and themes that interest us and are relevant to our lives.

We hope that readers will want to see the films on our list– those they’ve known about and those they may just be discovering.

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    Each week, AWFJ highlights films by and about women by noting their release and by presenting aggregates of members’ reviews, interviews and feature stories in Women On Film, our online magazine.

    AWFJ’s EDA Awards focus attention during awards season on films made by and about women.

    AWFJ will continue to probe this situation and to raise awareness about women making wonderful films.

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