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“Trade” is the latest among the narrative features–“Lilja 4-Ever” and “Eastern Promises” are among the others–to expose world-wide kidnapping of children–girls and boys–and their exploitation as sex slaves.

“Trade,” which follows the sex traffickers all the way home to New Jersey, is the first Hollywood movie to tackle the disturbing subject. Why has it taken America’s moviemakers so long to expose this disturibing crime on celluloid?

And, do narrative features about the heinous crime of sex trafficking alert the public so they can bring an end to the life-shattering cycle of abuse, or are films about the sex trade exploiting the subject’s potential titillatation of audiences in a not-so-subtle and basically subversive way? What do you think?


  • Jenny Halper on “Trade”


  • Trade,” by Maitland McDonagh
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