Sunday, Bloody Sunday: THE RETURNED takes a geopolitical stance.

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The ReturnedThe Returned is the story of husband and wife living in a world where a zombie virus actually has a cure; a daily serum that keeps symptoms at bay. If one single dose is missed, the effects are irreversible. Society is divided on the opinions of those labeled “The Returned”. Each infected has an ID card and can be issued their meds by the government. Half the population is adamant that these people are a danger to the healthy. As in any real world situation, money begets power. The media begins to report that the serum supply is running low and treatment centers scramble to fins a synthetic cure. Our protagonist couple, Alex and Kate, have secrets. Kate works at one of the treatment centers and has been stealing doses from work. Alex is a music ¬†teacher who secretly has the virus. Afraid of harassment and torment, this fact is kept secret. With the ensuing panic, extremest groups destroying centers, and societal tensions at an all time high, Alex and Kate are forced to reveal their secret to their best friends and flee to the country. But an even bigger secret may just be the death of them.


The ReturnedMedsThis film is essentially an allegory for everything from HIV/AIDS to abortion. Chock filled with picketers and talking head pundits, the divide among the class line and religious beliefs allows for some truly vitriolic moments. The gore is relatively low for a zombie movie. It has it’s moments, but one might also place this film in the thriller category. It is pretty thrilling throughout. The plot’s twists and turns are welcomed and surprising. Classic genre fans will be satiated and fans ourside the relam of the horror will be intrigued. The performances by ¬†Kris Holden-Ried and Emily Hampshire, as Alex and Kate, are heart-pounding and heart-wrenching. Both have some serious acting chops. Holden-Ried can now be seen on Lost Girl and Hampshire in the television version of 12 Monkeys, both airing on SyFy network.


The ReturnedCoupleThe Returned has a run-time of 98 minutes, though I suspect, like myself, you will yearn for more story. You can check out The Returned now on Netflix. We’d love to hear your thoughts, as always. Enjoy the ride.




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