Sunday Bloody Sunday: The ABC’s Of Death 2

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The ABC’s Of DEATH 2

During a recent discussion about  horror, someone asked me why I am attracted to it. The answer seems simple and yet internally much more complicated. It most definitely lies in my DNA. Being frightened, feeling a rush of adrenaline, and entering into the unknown is sort of my thing in life. Why not extend that into my viewing habits? This past weekend, I finally checked out The ABC’s Of Death 2, now streaming on Netflix.  The sequel has the same structure as the original; 26 directors, each assigned a letter of the alphabet. They must come up with a word and create a short film based upon said word. The first incarnation was such a success that its sequel garnered more mainstream horror directors. Bill Plympton takes letter H, for example. Jerome Sable, who I previously interviewed for STAGE FRIGHT, takes letter V. Vincenzo Natali, the director of CUBE (one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi films) takes on letter U. Steven Kostanski, whose special FX makeup in films like RESIDENT EVIL: Retribution, Hannibal (TV series), and the upcoming 2015 release CRIMSON PEAK, gives the audience a glorious piece.


S abcs of death

“S” by Juan Martinez Moreno

Hands down, some of my favorite vignettes are from this list of directors. A few stand out, a few relative newcomers really struck me. Letter S was written and directed by Juan Martinez Moreno. This short in intensely compelling. Shot in a sort of graphic novel style, the suspense was killer, pardon the pun.



Z abcs of death

“Z” by Chris Nash

“W” is another stand out as something I would describe as EVIL DEAD meets He-Man. I could not take my eyes off of Sable‘s “V”. I wrote zero notes until after it ended, in which I paused the film and jotted furiously. “Z” is hands down, the most vile, shocking,creative, grotesque piece of all. What a way to go out. Bravo to director Chris Nash for such bold choices.



"W" by Steven Kostanski

“W” by Steven Kostanski

Most of the films are well crafted and unexpected. Only a scant few are relatively obvious as to the reveal of the word itself. Mainly the letters B, R, X, and Y, otherwise I was completely thrown. The best thing about The ABC’s of Death 2 is the fact the each selection is different in style, language, camera, and even country of origin. The nudity factor is extremely high, as is the gore factor. You’ve officially been warned. Some are downright awful, while others are extraordinarily weird. There is most definitely something for everyone in this film. If not for the vignettes themselves, but for the beautiful opening credit sequence. The music is haunting and lovely all at once. Major applause is due here. You will want that toy piano track to play during Halloween every year, I guarantee it.

The ABC’s Of Death 2 is now available on Amazon and Netflix. Watch the trailer…

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