Sharks, and Humans, and Bears! Oh My!

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Backcountry posterBackcountry, which opened this past Friday, released a rather genius marketing campaign. They provided info graphics with facts about Shark attacks and Bear attacks. The graphics are any chart geek’s dream. Backcountry is the story of a young city couple who venture into the woods for a hiking/camping trip. Without a map, the woods all begin to look the same. A mysterious man appears, but is he the real threat in the scenario or does nature have it’s own built in defense mechanisms. This film boasts, and rightfully so, an extraordinary female lead in Missy Peregrym. Far too often do we find a male protagonist only after the female is the first to die. Backcountry writer/director Adam MacDonald was tired of seeing the same story told over and over. Combining personal experience and true story elements, he has created a truly terrifying script on a shoe string  budget. Using hand held camera work and even the use of a few GoPro cameras, the audience is along for the trip, literally and figuratively, in many instances.
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BACKCOUNTRY is now in theaters and on VOD

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