Gone Girl: The art of selling scary in a digital age.

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gone-girl-movie-poster-2Before The Blair Witch Project first arrived in theaters, I remember the trailers. They were unlike anything I’d seen before.  More like a news reports, the ads told the story of three hikers that went into the woods to look into a local urban legend and disappeared. Months later, their discarded video footage had been discovered. The Blair Witch Project started the “found footage” genre. It wasn’t until The Fifth Element trailers began to appear that I was intrigued, once again, by ads for a film. When Gillian Flynn‘s Gone Girl novel came onto the scene, I was immediately interested. I have always been a sucker for  hyped-up literature. In Flynn‘s case, Gone Girl truly shocked me. After the five days it  took me to finish the novel, and immediately purchased her other two books, Sharp Objects and Dark Places. I  finished both over the next 8 days. When the news was announced that Gone Girl was going to become a film, I was surprised. How would this epic thriller be translated to the big screen? Once I saw the film, I was one very please book clubber. Leading up to it’s screening at the 2014 New York Film Festival, 2oth Century Fox hired a crack team of folk to create the greatest PR buzz I have ever seen.

Gone Girl BilboardGone Girl‘s leading lady is a character named Amy Dunne. Nick, Amy’s  husband is accused of being responsible for Amy’s mysterious disappearance. If you haven’t read the book yet, I won’t spoil it for you. Point being, this ad campaign was genius. Amy Dunne had “Missing Person” Billboards in Middle America, Spotify Playlists, and a full fledged Pinterest account.

Amy Dunne was a real person with passions, likes, dislikes, and a soul. I hope that PR companies take note of Gone Girl. In a world where social media gives us the feeling that we’re all somehow connected, Gone Girl has set a the bar extraordinarily high.


Just check out the Pinterest Board above and compare the Spotify Playlists established for Amy and for Nick


Flynn’s Dark Places is slated to be released in theaters this April.

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