Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) is almost here. Is anyone excited?

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HumanCentipede1posterThe First Installment

This first film was disgusting enough. Unique and truly twisted, it was a phenomenon I was warned about before even watching it.

Here is the breakdown of Human Centipede (First Sequence):

Two pretty but ditsy American girls are on a road trip through Europe. In Germany, they end up alone at night with a broken car in the woods. They search for help and find an isolated villa. The next day, they awaken to find themselves trapped in a terrifying makeshift basement hospital along with a Japanese man. An older German man identifies himself as a retired surgeon specialized in separating Siamese twins. However, his three “patients” are not about to be separated but joined together in a horrific operation. He plans to be the first person to connect people via their gastric systems. By doing so, he plans to bring to life his sick lifetime fantasy, the human centipede.

HumanCentipede2posterThe Second Installment

The second installment was just downright weird, albeit even more stomach turning. I thought for sure this would be it. There was no way it could get any worse.

Here is the plot for Human Centipede (Full Sequence):

Martin is a mentally disturbed loner who lives with his mother in a bleak housing project. He works the night shift as a security guard in an equally grim and foreboding underground parking complex. To escape his dreary existence, Martin loses himself in the fantasy world of the cult horror film The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009), fetishizing the meticulous surgical skills of the gifted Dr. Heiter, whose knowledge of the human gastrointestinal system inspires Martin to attempt the unthinkable.

HumanCentipede3posterThe Third And Final Installment (Coming Soon)

It’s almost time for the third and final chapter by writer/director Tom Six. Am I dying to know where these ideas came from to begin with? Maybe. Would I be alright never knowing the answer to that question?  Absolutely.

Fun fact to share: the villains from the first two films will be returning for the final movie in brand new roles.

Here is the official description of Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence):

Bully prison warden Bill Boss, leading a big state prison in the US of A, has a lot of problems; his prison statistically has the highest amount of prison riots, medical costs and staff turnover in the country. But foremost he is unable to get the respect he thinks he deserves from his inmates and the state Governor. He constantly fails in experimenting with different ideas for the ideal punishment to get the inmates in line, which drives him, together with the sizzling heat, completely insane. Under threats of termination by the Governor, his loyal right hand man Dwight comes up with a brilliant idea. A revolutionary idea which could change the American prison system for good and save billions of dollars. An idea based on the notorious Human Centipede movies, that will literally and figuratively get the inmates on their knees, creating the ultimate punishment and deterrent for anyone considering a life of crime. Having nothing to lose, Bill and Dwight create a jaw-dropping 500-person.

Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) is in theaters and available on VOD on May 22, 2015.

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