“Nothing Bad Can Happen” is a film that haunts me still.

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Religion can be a person’s saving grace. It can be the spark that ignites war. It can destroy and captivate. Director, Katrin Gebbe, brings us Nothing Bad Can Happen. A monstrous tale based on true events, we follow Tore, a wandering, Christian punk youth looking for a place to fit in. Stumbling upon a man and his step-family, he becomes a part of their home. In doing so, he is subjected to an abuse of his faith. He truly believes that Jesus will protect him, prayer will solve all wrongs, and that good will triumph over evil. It is this faith-blind ignorance that lands him in some very dangerous hot water, as this family, particularly Benno, the father figure, plays with his affection and tests his belief system. Rewarded one minute and tortured both emotionally and physically the next, Tore knows no better than to accept the love and hate, all with open arms.


This film is very difficult to watch. If you are squeamish, it may not be for you. But, I challenge you to hang in there. You will root for Tore every step of the way. You feel his anguish and long to reach into the screen and hold this young, misguided child. You want to shake him and tell him to run. But you cannot. This film is heartbreaking and unnerving yet masterful storytelling all at once. Partly due to the raw, breakout performance of Julius Feldmeier as Tore. At 6’1 you might think that Julius would be a force to reckon with. Though it is his slight, lanky frame, gaunt face and deep set eyes, that give him a puppy dog appearance of “help me.” His immaculate vulnerability is breathtaking. I predict big things for him. Katrin Gebbe’s work is exceptional. What trust and respect she must have had with her cast and crew to pull off a piece that is so incredibly dark and frightening. It is hard to believe that this is her feature debut. This film draws you in from the get go. It has an ominous feeling that makes you happy that you are just watching a movie. You have to try to forget that this actually happened.

Nothing Bad Can Happen is a true tour de force. You will cringe, you will gasp, you will walk away wondering what you just saw.

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DRAFTHOUSE FILMS- Nothing Bad  Can Happen

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