Sunday Bloody Sunday: now streaming on Netflix: THESE FINAL HOURS

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These Final Hours PosterRoadshow Films’ newest Netflix release is THESE FINAL HOURS. It’s the last day on earth, twelve hours before a cataclysmic event will end life as we know it. James makes his way across a lawless and chaotic city to the party to end all parties. Along the way, he somewhat reluctantly saves the life of a little girl named Rose who is desperately searching for her father. Stuck with the unexpected burden of responsibility, James is forced to come to terms with what really matters in life as the final hours tick away.

Written and directed by Zak Hilditch, the script may appear typical at first glance. There is a massive amount of action in the first 10 minutes, but, unlike  your typical end of the world film, there is no CG. Merely a man on a path to escape his own fate, driving in a car, passing all the horrendous things man has decided to do in their final hours. In a moment of happenstance, witnessing Rose’s attempted kidnapping sets off a course of events in which we as an audience are privy to the human spectrum of panic behavior; everything from murder to orgies, prayer and suicide. What would you do if you knew you only had so long to live. Where would you go? Who would you call? Would you choose family or alienation?

These Final Hours StillNathan Phillips plays James as a dirt bag with no care for  anyone but himself. That facade is slowly chipped away as the film progresses. There is no doubting the talent Phillips possesses watching this film. Approaching each situation with completely believable emotions and a never too skilled fighting ability, he is a very convincing lead. Anjourie Rice is a scene stealer as Rose. Her vulnerability and youthful naivete is refreshing and heart melting. I hope we see her for years to come. An unsung hero that definitely deserves a mention is a character we never actually see. Radio Man, brilliantly portrayed by David Field, is one of the most important characters in this story. His intermitent broadcast narration sets the pace and clock of the plot. Calming, thoughtful, and brutally honest, these are some the film’s most impactful moments. In the end, no pun intended, THESE FINAL HOURS is a carefully crafted piece of Australian cinema. This unrated film is certainly not for younger eyes, but  will satisfy the genre fan.

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