New York Film Festival 53: Shorts Program Horror Genre is a new addition we can get behind.

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NYFF53 lockupIn a program brand-new to the NYFF focusing on the best in genre film—horror, thrillers, sci-fi, twisted noir, and fantasy shorts from around the world—this handful of tales from the dark side features a period piece of terror in distant lands from the co-director of Persepolis, a haunted psyche that reveals itself in very strange ways, a lesson in being bad, horror-film love turned life-threatening, and some silent but deadly revenge.

NYFF53 GenresTerritory / Territoire
Vincent Paronnaud, France, 2014, DCP, 22m
(French with English subtitles)
A sheepherder and his trusty dog witness unspeakable horrors in a remote valley of the French Pyrenees in 1957.

This film was an unusaul mixture of media; a little  CGI that borders on classic animation, intriguing soundtrack, and an Evil Dead-esque practical effects lean. In my humble opinion, it tries a bit too hard and comes off as scattered. I can appreciate what it was mostly likely trying to do and I will say, it has an ending I did not see coming.

We Wanted More
Stephen Dunn, Canada, 2013, DCP, 16m
Laryngitis may be a singer’s worst nightmare, but battling deep anxieties about life’s sacrifices can be even more terrifying.

I was a huge fan of this short. It’s physically off-putting in a true horror lover’s fashion while in turn grasping at emotional manifestations of fear. The original sounds in this piece are addicting and I need to track them down immediately. Plus, bonus for BBC America’s  Orphan Black fans, our sweet little”Kira”, Sklyer Wexler, is a huge piece of this weird tale.

Percival Argüero Mendoza, Mexico, 2015, DCP, 19m
(Spanish with English subtitles)
Upon viewing the mysterious, bone-chilling titular film, a young woman’s horror obsession—taken far from seriously by her boyfriend—blends dangerously with reality. U.S. Premiere

A true glimpse into the torture-porn phenomenon, this film a horror fan’s worst nightmare. When the lines of fantasy and reality are blurred, you have a real problem on your hands.

How to Be a Villain
Helen O’Hanlon, UK, 2015, DCP, 16m
In this delightfully demented homage to the golden days of monster movies, Supervillain (a perfect Terence Harvey) leads us on a thrilling guided tour of the ways of evil.

This is absolutely my favorite of the 5 shorts. It combines shadow puppetry/animation, haunting yet familiar music, black and white cinematography, and creates a feast for the eyes and ears. It is beyond endearing and should be shown at every Halloween Party everywhere. This fantastic 16 minute film takes every horror cliche and makes them beautiful. It’s a choose your own adventure/ first person shooter thoughtfully crafted for fans of the genre. LOVED IT.

Andrei Cretulescu, Romania, 2015, DCP, 20m
One dark night, a no-nonsense blonde carries out a mission of brutal vengeance.

This was my second favorite of this collection. Shot in 3 long hand held takes and with zero dialogue, it’s cruel intensity is heart-pounding and clever. I have so many questions walking away from this piece, and I do mean that as a compliment. I would watch a feature based upon what little information I was given. Great stuff.

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