New Trailer: ‘BLAIR WITCH’ a sequel?

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blair witch poster 2016In 1999, I went to a 9pm, opening night screening of a film everyone thought was real. Perhaps one of the earliest ad campaigns shrouded in mystery besides The Fifth Element, The Blair Witch Project scared the ever living daylights out of me. As the film came to it’s horrifying end, everyone screamed and stampeded to the exit. I genuinely believed that I would be crushed trying to get to the car. There was no talking during the less than 5 minute drive home, I was terrified, and slept with the lights on. Only one other horror film had ever had that effect on me and that was The Ring (The American remake). This September, we thought we were seeing a film called The Woods, but we’ve experienced a bait and switch. At this year’s San Diego Comic Con it was announced that The Woods is actually Blair Witch, a sequel to the original. This is going to be the third installment of this franchise. The first sequel Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 came out to pretty poor reviews in 2000, but great box office success. I actually missed it in the theater but was one of many who purchased the DVD, which included the “Secret of Esrever” featurette. This was where you’d play certain scenes backwards to experience hidden clues. Massively clever marketing, but it was definitely too little too late. Rumors of a direct sequel to the first film have been circulating for years. I was on board with one of the ideas, which was a prequel, or the origin story of the title character. In fact, I thought that perhaps the release of  The Witch this year might actually be this very film. I guess I’m still waiting.


Please don’t disappoint me. I have some high expectations. Check out the latest trailer for BLAIR WITCH.

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