Review: #Screamers does not disappoint.

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#screamers posterWith the news of Cambridge Analytica mining Facebook users’ personal info to further… (well, you know), the release of the new film #Screamers couldn’t be more timely. Everything we do is tracked these days, so you cant hide from advertisers or anyone else looking to take advantage of you. What happens when the tables are turned is something altogether different. In a game of cat and mouse, #Screamers plays well on the viral video trends, specifically one that popped up years ago where a viewer would watch a seemingly innocuous video and then BOOM, a horrific face was screaming loudly back at the unsuspecting viewer. #Screamers is done in documentary format but in truth, it is a found footage film, but you have to look hard to find that out from the beginning./a> The dialogue is casual and in relative real time of only a few days. The last  15 minutes of the film is the ultimate payoff for the audience. Anyone that has been on the receiving end of one of those old videos will have traumatic flashbacks. Kudos to the sound editing because that is what makes #Screamers as successful as it is. Your heart will race knowing full well that something is coming and it’s not going to be pleasant. The most intriguing part for me? This film could actually be the first in a franchise. I don’t want to say anything more but there are at least two more potential films that could easily come from #Screamers.



Internet Gurus Tom Brennan and Chris Grabow know what sells on the internet. They’ve built their viral video site into a money-making machine, primarily by providing the audience with web #Screamers – videos that distract the audience then scare them to death. When the two internet gurus investigate the authenticity of a series of these viral videos, they uncover something far more sinister and terrifying about the people behind them.




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