Review: KNUCKLEBALL’s horror throws you for a loop.

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Young Henry is left with his sinister-looking grandfather on an isolated farm. Grandpa unexpectedly passes away and without a cell charger to reliably call for help, he’s left to the sadistic and murderous leanings of the creepy neighbor, Dixon. Family secrets slowly ooze out into the latter half of the plot. They are not what you’re thinking by any means. Once the unease and then the violence begins, they are full speed ahead. Someone once edited the Home Alone trailer to be a horror film. Director Michael Peterson actually made it, but more gruesome and much more complex. Genre legend, Michael Ironside, should initially get you to watch. Munro Chambers and Lucas Villacis will keep you in and on the edge of your seats.


The twists are endless and completely insane. The practical effects are pretty hideous to behold and the final moment for Henry will keep your wheels turning long after the screen goes dark. Knuckleball really does hit a horror home run.



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