Review: ‘Silencio’ brings us into the real-life Zone of Silence in Mexico.

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Silencio is really captivating from the get-go. It begins in 1970 in Mexico’s Zone Of Silence (an actual real-life location that is described as the Bermuda Triangle of Mexico) and Dr. James White and his assistant Peter find a contaminated meteorite that possesses the power to time travel. In the present day, Dr. White has dementia and has hidden the stone away choosing not to share its mysterious powers. When a man shows up to kidnap his granddaughter’s son in exchange for the stone, all hell and a massive bit of confusion begin. Yes, that sounds like a lot and it is. The plot is perfect for our leading man John Noble as it sounds like something that would have played out in an old Fringe episode. His granddaughter played brilliantly by Melina Matthews shines as a therapist who is thrust into the chaos.

The bilingual aspect of the script makes for an interesting acting challenge which is seamlessly pulled off by the entire cast. Noble is a wonder unto himself. I probably could have watched an entirely separate film solely from his character. The cinematography is thoughtful using contrasting tones for each time period. While I’m not quite sure I understand the final explanation, I cannot deny Silencio is engrossing and at times extraordinarily dark.  I could see this film being reworked as a series for Netflix. It has a lot of potential to be expanded. I’d be genuinely interested to see where the story goes after the final frame. Director Lorena Villarreal‘s sophomore feature certainly gives us much to ponder. Maybe Jason Blum should add her to the list of female directors he’s been having so much trouble finding lately. There’s more of us than you think. 

Silencio opens in U.S. cinemas on October 26th! Check out the trailer below.

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