Review: ‘St. Agatha’ is sacrilegious.

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Director Darren Lynn Bousman, who I followed through the Saw franchise, then totally crushed on after seeing Repo! The Genetic Opera, has a new feature in St. Agatha. The premise might seem cliche at first glance but it much more nuanced as the film progresses. The standout performances have to be from the gaggle of young pregnant women being held captive at this mysterious convent. I almost wish we had more of a background of each of the ladies rather than the intercut flashbacks of our leading lady, Mary. Though it does give validity to the audience questioning what’s real throughout the film once we have more information from her past. This is undoubtedly clever writing and editing. Sabrina Kernin does a solid job at making us root for her throughout the insanely brutal treatment by these less than holy nuns.  Hannah Fierman, who I know from V/H/S originally, is outstanding. Like the others, I wanted to know how she came to be there in more detail. But truth be told, the biggest star of St. Agatha is our Mother Superior, Carolyn Hennesy. She fills the screen in at every moment. I would have watched a prequel about her character in a heartbeat. Not too often do am I cheering on a villain but she is so fantastic that I couldn’t help myself. There are some serious gag-inducing moments that were hard to watch even more me, but you have to respect that. St. Agatha has all the elements we look for in this genre and then some.

Uncork’d Entertainment will release the horror / thriller ST. AGATHA in theaters and On Demand / Digital HD on February 8, 2019.

It’s the 1950’s in small town Georgia, a pregnant con woman on the run seeks refuge in a convent hidden in deafening isolation. What first starts out as the perfect place to have a child turns into a dark layer where silence is forced, ghastly secrets are masked, and every bit of will power Agatha has is tested. She soon learns the sick and twisted truth of the convent and the Odd people that lurk inside its halls. Agatha must now find a way to discover the unyielding strength needed to escape and save her baby before she’s caged behind these walls forever.

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