Review: ‘Death of Me’ casts a scary spell on you.

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“It will be waiting for you on the other side.” An ominous beginning to a film that will stress you out to no end. Something is clearly amiss as our lovely couple wakes up late to find they and their island hotel room are covered in dirt, among other things. Missing passports and stolen luggage leave them stranded, trying to figure out what happened the night before. Finding a video on Neil’s phone, the mystery deepens. What they see is pure horror. After being given a strange drink and an intricately carved necklace by the waitress, Neil murdered Christina. He snapped her neck. Now she is vomiting grass and dirt, spiraling through paranoia whenever the necklace comes off. Neil is oblivious, focusing mainly on a festival that has taken over the island. But the locals are keeping secrets.

The setting off the coast of Thailand is magic, making for cinematography that is very easy on the eyes. But also adding to the isolation. The soundtrack is hypnotizing. The pace is quick and engaging. The colors are vibrant. The practical fx are perfect. Truly gag-worthy and meticulously utilized.

Maggie Q is incredible. Her descent into madness is fast and warranted. Filming this must have been emotionally exhausting but worth it for the quality performance. Luke Hemsworth is a fantastic scene partner. The script allows him to essentially play multiple roles. I was a fan of Westworld, but this was a great alternate platform for him to widen his audience. Together, he and Q are killer. Director Darren Lynn Bousman has been on my awesome list since I was introduced to Repo! the Genetic Opera. I’ve even attended a shadow cast midnight screening, like a true fangirl. He has a smart way of hooking the viewer with gripping imagery and editing. His ability to tell genre stories is beyond entertaining. He tends to choose complex scripts, whether his own or others. Death of Me is no exception. You are inundated with story and intrigue. About an hour in, we’re finally learning the main plot but we all know that there will be so much more to come. It just keeps getting better.

DEATH OF ME will be available In Theatres, On Demand and Digital October 2nd. 

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