Chad Crawford Kinkle latest film ‘DEMENTER’ is a chilling watch.

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Synopsis: The film follows Katie, a young woman who flees a backwoods cult and takes a job at a care center for special needs adults in her determination to do some good with her life. But despite her best intentions, Katie can’t escape the signs that “the devils” are coming for Stephanie, a woman with Down syndrome she cares for, who keeps getting sicker despite Katie’s rituals to ward off evil spirits.

With a style that feels like half documentary and half horror, Dementer is a bone-chilling watch. The score and sound editing make your skin crawl. This film is one of the most disturbing watches of the year so far. The mystery of Katie’s past rolls out slowly. It’s a truly disturbing way to tell this story. As a Mom of a child on the spectrum, this film felt extra vile, and I do mean that as a compliment. The anxiety I felt watching was on another level. The running theme of evil attaching itself to the most innocent souls will hit differently for viewers. The setting mostly takes place at a skills center and group home for adults with special needs. As Katie and one of her clients, Stephanie, are affected by trauma and potential possession your heart races. Katie’s backstory is so lush. We are bombarded with clues and yet thoroughly allows us to explore the possibilities of how her clearly sad and fraught journey began.

Larry Fessenden plays a role best not elaborated on. He is a legend in the genre. This performance is another notch on his extensive indie horror belt. His physical voice is a huge part of why Dementer works so well. Stephanie Kinkle is Writer/Director Chad Crawford Kinkle’s sister. She is fantastic. This would explain the access to the other residents. Katie Groshong as Katie is a bit of a wonder. Her ability to connect with the entire cast is astounding. Her terror is palpable. She has this unexplainable tangible quality to her. What a joy it is to watch her explore this complex script. Speaking of Kinkle’s script, it’s warped as hell. While questions linger, they don’t stop you from being completely consumed by a disquieting sense of doom. When you reach the very final moments, it’s a gut punch. The number of times a genuinely shuddered while watching is innumerable. Dementer manages to scare are scar us deeply.

Dementer, the latest film from writer/director Chad Crawford Kinkle (Jug Face) and featuring Larry Fessenden, will release on digital platforms on March 2 from Dark Star Pictures.

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