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Welcome to I Scream You Scream, an AWFJ.org blog dedicated to the scary and sensational world of horror.

Why do we enjoy being scared? What compels us to seek out the weird? Do the monsters under our beds ever truly disappear? How do we see women’s images reflected in the horror genre, and what roles do women play in the making of horror films?

Look for answers to these sometimes serious, sometimes snarky, sometimes sensational horror probes in our I Scream You Scream Categories:

  • Scream Kings and Queens: The masters of the horror genre, the directors spotlight.
  • Selling Scary: How advertising tempts us to enter the theater.
  • Gag Reflex: Gut reactions to the genre, new and old.
  • Fight or Flight: Run and hide or stand your ground. Pick a flick, and which decision is the wisest?
  • Last Words: Interviews with your favorite horror insiders.
  • Hardy Har Har Horror: Too weird for words. We’ll delve into truly bizarre; the who, what, when, where and most definitely why.

And please join in our pursuit of and conversation about the horror genre by checking out our Facebook page and following @iScreamLiz on Twitter! Especially on nights when the moon is full!!!

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