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Welcome to Brandy McDonnell’s The Week In Women blog!

This femme-centric movie blog features a wide range of articles, profiles and news roundups covering current affairs, personalities and events pertaining to women working in the movie industry. You will find news items and commentaries and exclusive interviews with female filmmakers, actors, writers and industry decision-makers who influence moviemaking in the U.S. and around the work.

The aim is to learn more about the female cinema creators whom we already know, and to introduce those who deserve their place in the spotlight. The blog will build a picture of women in movies, and present the stories of women in front of and behind the camera, as well those whose contribution is on the page.

Please peruse The Week in Women’s Categories:

  • Women’s Week: A weekly news roundup of stories from multiple sources with links.
  • Women of the World: Looking at female filmmaking on an international scale.
  • Independent Women: Celebrating women who have contribute to our industry with independent voices.
  • Emerging Artists: New voices who deserve to be heard, who we deserve to hear.
  • Hollywood: News and interviews from the centre of the filmmaking world.
  • Time for Change: Subjects of concern for women in film; a look at the things that hold us back, and acknowledgement of those who support women’s stories on the screen.

We encourage discussion about our posts. Please contribute your comments at the bottom of the relevant story.

We are always looking for breaking news items, and subjects for longer feature stories and profiles! When you have tips for us, or wish to request coverage, please email us at awfjinc@gmail.com or brandybamok@gmail.com.

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