About Cinema Citizen

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Welcome to Cinema Citizen!

Our aim is to provoke thought and discussion about contemporary issues that are reflected in film — by taking note of how they are reflected in film.

Cinemas and other screening venues are classrooms in which massive numbers of people absorb movies that reflect the world in which we live and influence the shape things to come.

Cinema Citizen offers movie reviews, interviews and other commentaries that take into consideration the impact of cinema on all aspects of contemporary society.

Join Cinema Citizen in focusing on the social and ethical issues raised in these cinema classrooms. Be concerned! Be brave! Be active!

Truth or dare….Your comments are always welcome.

Categories and how to find what you’re looking for:

In general, the best way to find an article about your subject of interest is to type a few key words or a phrase in the search box.

You’ll also find articles grouped into the following categories, defined as follows:

About Documentaries: Everything related to documentary film, including reviews, distribution and funding updates, ethical issues, festivals and articles by ‘guest speakers.’ This is obviously one of my special interests and many (or most) of the articles will reflect my personal opinions about the nonfiction film industry and trends in documentary filmmaking. Guest speakers are welcome. Please contact me by email at awfjinc@gmail.com with inquiries about contributions.

Business Matters: Self-explanatory, I think. However, in addition to updates on industry trends and funding opportunities, I will also post worthy (at my discretion) pitches for support of specific projects, both narrative and documentary. Please send information to me at awfjinc@gmail.com.

Cinema Scrutiny: Reviews. Reviews. Reviews. Of narrative and documentary features, new releases and classics.

Festivals and Venues: Overviews, schedules, and opinionated commentaries covering the film festival scene, with ongoing reports of festival activity and emerging film venues.

Narratives of Record: Reviews and commentaries about fiction films that are based on true events and, in the eyes of massive numbers of viewers, represent the reality of what happened. Thus, they shape public perception about important historical events and persons of note and influence, lead to social and political expectations and contribute to the determination of public policy. Guest speakers are most welcome. Please send commentaries to awfjinc@gmail.com.

Other Voices: Intended to be a platform for other Cinema Citizens, and a place for filmmakers and other cultural influencers to air their views, either with their own writings or in interview. To contribute, please contact me at awfjinc@gmail.com.

Again, welcome to Cinema Citizen!

Jennifer Merin

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